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Good reasons why your business needs a website?

Your website is your company's business card. Beyond that: it's often the first impression new customers get of your business. And just like on a first date, you want that first encounter to have a lasting - positive - impact. In this article we collected three good reasons for a great and professional website. And ... good news: you can count on us for a top notch website!

Your business is listed among Google search results

94% of the population in Belgium has daily access to the Internet, and more than 80% of them use the Internet every day. To search for information, shop online, do banking, play games and communicate. So it has become indispensable in our lives. If you have a question or problem, you will very quickly use your smartphone to find an answer or solution. And in more than 92% of cases, people use Google for this. In the search results, Google shows the web pages that best solve the searcher's problem. Admit it: you also want to be found there.

Your website is (more than) your business card

Some 30% of potential customers drop out if a company does not have a (well built) website. And 75% confess that they judge the reliability of a company based on its website. This means that the more reliable your website is, the more customers will be attracted to it. Because if it is clear to a visitor what you do, how you do things and how you can be reached...the more easily he will buy, call, order or mail! The design of your website should therefore be just right. From structure to layout, every page must pave the path to action. Readers are lazy, even when they want to buy something. We have the memory of a goldfish - blub. So you only have a few seconds to grab someone's attention and get them to take action. And hey...even if you're thinking: `Yeah but, we've had a website for years and it's running just fine. Do we need a new site?`, then it might be worthwhile to take a fresh look at it. How UX-friendly is your site? Does it look modern, or are there a few moths in your 2010 design? And what about the structure of your website?

Make money sleeping (or about it anyway)

Websites are online all the time. Even when you're not. The better developed your website is - with relevant information and user-friendly - the less work you have offline. You can collect just about any information that (new) customers are looking for: prices, FAQs, order forms, a webshop, blog entries, reviews, current information ... you name it, it can be on your site. As long as it is relevant to your target group, of course! Customers can use an integrated webshop to buy products when your brick-and-mortar store is closed. Or they can find the answers to their questions, even when you are not available. And do they want to make an appointment, without a lot of back and forth email? Then link your professional calendar and they can book an appointment themselves. That in turn saves you time - and money. You read it all: a professionally designed website is literally worth its weight in gold. We know this like no other at New Narrative. That's why you can count on our experts to design a professional website tailored to your business. What do you think, let's talk about it together?

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